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Your Therapist - Kiren Rathaur

My career in the corporate world of Civil Engineering began in 2004. Working as an Engineer has served me well for the past 17 years, while setting up a new home with my husband, and raising our 2 beautiful children. My role as an engineer is still supporting me today, although I have always felt as if something was missing and I needed to do more to fulfil my life purpose.

My mindset and outlook on life suddenly changed in 2010, after I suffered a brain haemorrhage which almost took my life. It was the darkest time in my life and the recovery process was slow, but I came to realise that I needed to experience this tragic event to appreciate life in its purest form. Today I feel more alive than I have ever felt. I feel so blessed and grateful to be given a second chance at life. Being able to walk, talk and communicate effectively; gaining the ability to do things for myself again just feels incredible. It is amazing how we often take the most basic functions for granted. Since that day, I live my life feeling excited about what each new moment will bring; enjoying and appreciating these precious moments, because I know it could be my last.

In 2016, I was guided to write about my near death experience, in the hope it may help to inspire others to never give up on life. My book was published and is available to purchase on Amazon - Memoirs of The Golden Patient        

The same year, Reiki came into my life quite unexpectedly, as did the desire to practice Holistic Massage shortly after. I have always enjoyed being a great receiver of both therapies, although had never expected to one day qualify as a practitioner and therapist, to be able to offer and share these services with others, and help them to feel connected, aligned, happy and content.

I graciously received my initiation and instruction in the 'Ancient Art of Hands on Healing' from my spiritual teacher Louise Hargreaves. Louise taught me the healing art of Usui Teate Reiki, the original Japanese teachings, as taught by Mikao Usui himself. In Usui Teate, the focus is on personal and spiritual development to find one’s inner essence, This is the true purpose of Reiki – to realise one’s true self, find inner peace and live from the heart. Louise holds a special place in my heart, I feel privileged and honoured to have been in her presence and to receive spiritual teachings and blessings from such an enlightened soul. 

I completed a year studying Holistic Massage Therapy at the Sheffield Centre of Massage Training (SCMT). Here, I learnt the theory of massage, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathologies, gaining an understanding of our complex body systems and how they interact with one another, to keep our body functioning effectively. The physiology of stress, a common condition so prominent in todays society, and how massage can help provide relief and relaxation to the body as a whole.

Through undertaking these intensive studies accompanied by the practical hands on sessions, I learnt many different massage techniques, including deep tissue Myofascial Release, I was taught about social interaction with clients and practice management which has given me the skills needed to become a Professional Massage Therapist.

Combining aspects of Holistic Massage techniques with Reiki Healing, offers a unique infusion of physical relief and spiritual oneness, an extra special treatment for the Body, Mind and Spirit.  


Reiki Shoden level 1

Reiki Okuden level 2

Reiki Shinpiden level 3

SCMT Diploma in Holistic Massage

First Aid Training

Professional Associations:

Member of Massage Training Institute (MTI)

Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)


A Massage Therapist's Prayer

Let me dedicate my life today

to the care of those who come my way. 

Let me touch each one with healing hands

for the gentle art for which I stand.

Let the divine force flow from me to you

let our energy and spirit renew.

And then tonight when day is done

let me rest in peace if I helped just one.

prayer hands of light.jpg

For those who suffer from pet allergies, please be mindful that I have a dog who lives with me, her name is Maya and she is a big softy.


I keep her in the next room when with a client, although she will want to greet you, she is quite the social butterfly! :) 

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