Wellbeing Festivals Summer 2019
Soul Spa - A tranquil, peaceful space at the Soul Circus Festival, where you can come to relax your mind, sooth your soul and allow your body to receive the healing it needs to be complete and at peace. Energ-Ease will work with you and the universal energies, to help you experience these desired effects, by releasing any tension in your muscles and joints through Holistic Massage and allowing Reiki, the universal life force or 'Prana', to travel directly from the cosmos, into your body to restore you to oneness. Come along and experience the many workshops offered at the Yoga and Wellness Festival, and receive one of our treatments for yourself, in the beautiful, scenic countryside of the Cotswolds.
Healing Space at The Giving Tree, a new festival which sets out to create an eco-friendly fusion of technology and nature. Join us on the last weekend of August, and be part of the journey. Energ-Ease will be there offering our healing services, whilst you enjoy the electric music and lively atmosphere. Soak in Mother Earth and her beautiful energies, listen to the story of Planet Taika, the home of the Giving Tree, in a beautiful open air, countryside location less than 1 hours drive from London.