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For those who suffer from pet allergies, please be mindful that I have a dog who lives with me, her name is Maya and she is a big softy.
I keep her in the next room when with a client, although she will want to greet you, she is quite the social butterfly! :) 

Towel and oil

​Welcome to 


Helping you to reconnect with your natural state of being through Holistic Massage and Reiki Healing. Or why not combine the two therapies and receive Reiki Massage, to help you align with your inner essence and realise one's true self.

Here are some of the treatments and services available on offer at Energ-Ease:-

  • Therapeutic Massage

  • Deep Tissue Myofascial Release

  • Full Body Massage

  • Head, Face and Neck Massage

  • Foot Massage

  • Passive Joint Mobilisation 

  • Pain Management

  • Clarity and a sense of Oneness with your True Self

  • Alignment and Connection with your Inner Essence

  • Increased Self Confidence 


Visit our Treatments page for more details or call direct on 07444 218225


"5 Star Experience!"

It was a very pleasant experience, I felt safe, warm and comfortable as if I was at home. The massage made me feel very relaxed and calm.

Jack Fielding

Toyota - Assembler


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